Would you have ever imagined that one of your callings would be to curate the best of the best fart gifs ever made? Neither did we. But hey, we went with it. So put your gas masks on, and prepare to laugh and possibly be disgusted. A big fartful thanks to GIPHY for helping provide us with a large selection of farting gif in our quest to curate the best collection of fart gif on this beautiful gaseous planet.



Little Dog:”Omg! My Farts stick so bad!” Corgy: Really?!? Lemme Smell.
*eyes water*…I really need to start questioning my life choices.


This athlete is being investigated for “Performance Enhancing Farts” But we’re encouraging her to let’em rip and #GasForTheGold!


Ah yes, the HBO mini-series, True Detective. We’re wondering if that fart stunk as bad as the second season did.


Seriously, though, they put way to much baby powder on that poor baby! Are they trying to turn the little thing into one of those time release air fresheners or something??


How much do you wanna bet, the guy with the hat in the background is totally a fan for the other team trying to sabotage these guys with his gas blasts!


Awww Yes! That #FridayFeeling! Time to let those Farts Fly!


A wise observation, Sensai Louie C.K. ConstantFarting-San appreciates your valuable insight.


This is why God invented Hottubs.


See. Even iguanas know that.


There needs to be more awareness about vehicular impact induced flatulence. The more you know- The more you grow.


If you’re constantly farting, don’t hide in the bushes! Put on a pair of Shreddies!


Happy Hump-Day! Did you know that a camel’s hump is actually full of Farts!?! …No. It’s not. Sorry About. We get carried away sometimes.


YOU LIAR!! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF! …JK! We love farts, you cute little morsel!


To bad we can’t wear these over our head.


Behold! The prized and mythical, Brussels Sprout Fart. That fart, which all other farts strive to be.


There goes Patrick Stewart being the CUTEST human ever again.


We never go anywhere without our Silent But Deadly Vision Goggles.


You’re lucky you didn’t tell us that! ConstantFarting would be all up at your lunch table! Toot! Toot! B*tches!


That baby just had they’re fist existential dilemma.


Our nightmare is a world without farts.


True Love


Yup. It is definately time to incorporate some Kiwi Klenz into your diet, Sir.


The best laughs, without a doubt, are accompanied by a fart.


Note: Fart-Power heightens evil villain-fighting abilities. And fabulousness.